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Commercial Services

Our team routinely handles all aspects of construction in the commercial industry. We understand you have unique needs when it comes to your business or commercial property. Our promise is to provide a clean construction site with minimal impact on your day-to-day business proceedings. We are equipped to meet your needs whether you are looking to expand a growing business or to start a new one ¬-- our team is qualified and capable of providing you new construction from the ground up.

You can expect everyone on our team to behave in a professional manner towards your clients, your staff, and your property. Our project managers and superintendents realize they are not only representing Seagren Construction, llc during our commercial projects, but they also represent -- you, your brand, and your company. You can trust any of our company leaders and their construction crews to maintain the professional environment you’ve already established in your office on their job sites.

Ron Seagren, our founder, believes in taking a special approach on commercial renovations, remodels, and maintenance. He combines his vast knowledge from years of working in hotels with the individual attention he provides his residential clients to better serve your commercial needs. If you choose Seagren Construction, llc, your project will benefit from our specialization in the hospitality field. Our fine attention to detail on large projects plus our experience working in a guest environment makes our team an ideal choice for your commercial needs. However, we find it’s still best to use the same personal approach we take when working in the residential field. Seagren has chosen to apply the one-on-one, personalized service you’d receive on a residential project to the relationships we build with our commercial clients.

If you are looking to re-define your business through renovation or want to start from scratch, you can count on Seagren to get the ball rolling quickly on your project. Our team will seamlessly fly through new construction, renovation, or repair in record time, because we understand the importance of getting our job done so you can get back to yours.

Please re-visit our site in the future to view an updated and detailed description of all the services Seagren Construction, llc provides. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for service.

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The Team at Seagren Construction, llc