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Ron Seagren, founder and CEO, of Seagren Construction, LLC has been an integral part of the construction industry for over two decades. The focus throughout his lengthy career has been a results- driven desire to provide the highest-quality service on all of his projects, big or small. Seagren also firmly believes in cultivating genuine, lifelong relationships with all of his clients, and is willing to go the extra mile to complete a job well done.
The values Ron Seagren has instilled in himself and his work are also the foundations he used to build his company. Seagren made a promise to himself and his clients that his company’s core, founding, values would always be exemplified though quality work and satisfied customers.

Our Team

Our team at Seagren Construction consists of a group of hand-selected professionals with specialized skills and knowledge. Everyone at our company plays their own vital role in all our projects. Seagren Construction is a family-owned business and our entire team operates in a family-style environment. We believe open communication and an open door policy is the best way to conduct business with our employees and get the job done for our clients.

If you choose Seagren Construction, LLC for your construction needs, you can rest at ease that our qualified team will take care of your project from beginning to end. Our staff will work alongside vendors and subcontractors to ensure that you are getting the highest quality products and construction all within your budget.

Seagren Construction, LLC is a versatile company, we understand what it takes to produce top of the line renovations, repairs, and remodels at a competitive price. Our management teams are happy to work with you at any point in the construction process to help make your dreams a reality. All of the people at Seagren are committed to providing you and your property with the utmost care.

Our Motto

“Improving today’s hospitality for tomorrow,” is not a phrase we simply display on our logo. Combined with our company’s values, our motto is a driving force behind all of our work. Our team strives to provide long-lasting, quality construction on all of our projects. Superior quality work in the hospitality field and beyond is our main goal. Everyone at Seagren Construction is willing to go above and beyond to make our clients happy.